Production and Donation of JINS "Miru-iku Cards"

In recent years, problems with children's eyesight have become more common. In 2019, we created JINS "Miru-iku Cards" to help create a society that fosters healthy eyes. Through JINS "Miru-iku Cards", children can have fun while learning about eyes, light and nearsightedness. We have donated more than 150 sets to children's centers, after-school programs and other institutions throughout Japan, including the Chiyoda City Board of Education.

Introducing positive feedbacks from all over Japan.

From the Chiyoda City Board of Education

A letter of appreciation for the donation of "Miru-iku Cards", from the Chiyoda City Board of Education in January 2020.

From the Tairamachi Children's Center in Meguro

We held an event so that the children could experience playing "Miru-iku Cards". After forming groups of five or six, the children listened intently as each card was read out and then scrambled eagerly to grab the correct one. At times, in response to an unfamiliar word, some would ask questions like "What is blue light?" It was an opportunity for the children to discover the wonders and mysteries of eyes and sight, subjects that many rarely think about. (December 2019 donation)

・Comments from the children

"It was fun! I liked that all the cards were about eyes." (Boy in second grade)
"The pictures of animals wearing glasses were cute." (Girl in second grade)

・Comments from staff

Many children who are normally absorbed in video games had fun playing "Miru-iku Cards". I was impressed by how seriously the children focused on the picture cards. I've always been concerned about children's worsening eyesight and eyestrain, so I felt this was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about eyes while having fun.

From children's centers throughout Japan

With many children playing "Miru-iku Cards" everyday, we receive many feedback from staff at children's centers around Japan. (February 2020 donation)

  • ・Positive Comment ①
    We heard excited voices like "Wow! Really?!" "Cool!" as the children played the game. The unusual phrases on the cards seemed to catch interest as an "eye-opener". For children in the lower grades, staff members explained the game as they played along, but after learning how to play, they were able to read the cards for other children. (Mirai Children's Center, Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture)

  • ・Positive Comment ②
    Since the cards got grabbed before the full text was read out, we had the children listen until the end before grabbing them. This increased their competitiveness, leading to heated battles, making the games really exciting. (Motomiya Second Children's Center, Motomiya City, Fukushima Prefecture)

  • ・Positive Comment ③
    With the rise of the internet, children often strain their eyes looking at smartphones and playing games. Many have never had an opportunity to learn about eyesight until now. I think this game provides important education for them. (Nishihonji Children's Center, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture)

"Miru-iku Cards"donation destinations
Tairamachi Children's Center in Meguro, Tech Kids School and other children's centers throughout Japan
* Donations made from December 2019 to February 2020

What are "Miru-iku Cards"?

The JINS "Miru-iku Cards" can be enjoyed by children and adults to learn about vision, light, and nearsightedness.
JINS "Miru-iku Cards" also draw attention as an educational toy that improves family communication and nurture everyone to foster good eyesight.

The artwork on the cards was done by Keiko Shibata who also created the popular picture book "Meganeko" published by Tegamisha. The reading cards were made by Tatsuya Kinoshita, a young and rising poet.

The creators of "Miru-iku Cards"

  • Keiko Shibata
    Born in Kochi Prefecture. Illustrator and picture book artist for advertising and publications.
    Authored books such as "Meganeko," "Oishiso-na-Shirokuma," and "Amai Shirokuma."
    Also creates paper goods and pottery and holds solo and event exhibitions every year.

  • Tatsuya Kinoshita
    Poet born 1988 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Authored books "Tsumuji Kaze Koko ni Arimasu," "Kimi wo Kiraina Yatsu ha Kuzu Dayo," and co-authored poetry book "Genkan no Nozoki-ana kara Sashitekuru Hikari no yo ni Umareta Hazu da."