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  • *In case you contact us on weekends, holidays, and designated days off, we will require at least 3 days to respond.
  • * We do not respond to any emails regarding sales, or other requests based on business purposes. We kindly ask you on refraining from contacting us for sales.

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Open 10:00〜17:00(we are closed on weekends, holidays and during New Years holiday)

  • ※We ask for your cooperation to please use the caller ID display service. Please add the number「186」before dialing our customer support center number. This will help us on providing a more accurate service for our customers.
  • ※In order to improve our customer experience, we record all conversations with our customers.

For Corporations

* If the options above do not properly launch the e-mail software, the functionality to send e-mails from the Internet browser may be restricted due to browser settings. If your e-mail software does not start up, please try the following procedures:

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