Privacy Policy

Intended Use of Personal Information

JINS HOLDINGS Inc. (hereinafter, JINS) will use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • The planning, R&D, and quality improvement of products and services, etc.
  • To provide products and services, etc.
  • To provide information on products and services, etc.
  • To provide a contact for inquiries, customer support, and notifications.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

In principle, JINS does not disclose nor provide customers’ personal information to any third party; provided, however, that JINS may disclose or provide customers’ personal information in the following cases.

  • When the customer has agreed to such disclosure or provision.
  • When the disclosure of information is necessary to protect the customer’s life, health or assets but it is difficult to obtain agreement from the customer.
  • When the disclosure or provision of information is particularly necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting the sound development of a child but it is difficult to obtain concurrence from the customer.
  • If it is necessary for a national government agency or local government organization or a party entrusted by either to perform required duties by law, but obtaining the person's consent may hinder the execution of the required duties.
  • If it is required by law.
  • When the obligation of JINS to disclose or provide information is stipulated by law or the disclosure or provision of information is permitted by law.
  • In the case of a corporate merger or other reason where personal information is provided in order to continue services.

Joint use of personal information.

Based on the stipulations below, JINS will jointly use your personal information.

  • Personal information to be used jointly:
    Name, gender, birthdate, age, address, contact information (phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.), employer, department, job title, audio and video that can identify you, product purchase history, and visual acuity.
  • Parties jointly using your personal information:
    JINS HOLDINGS Inc. and its subsidiaries.
  • Purpose of jointly using your personal information by applicable parties:
    For planning, R&D, and improving products and services, etc.
    To provide products and services, etc.
    To provide information on products and services, etc.
    To provide customer support and respond to inquiries or complaints.
  • Management of personal information by:

Use of Statistical Data

JINS may, based on personal information obtained, prepare statistical data in ways so that individuals cannot be identified and use such data without restriction.

Personal Information of Underage Persons

When personal information of an underage person is provided, consent by the person's legal guardian will be required.

Party Handling Personal Information

The following party shall duly handle and manage personal information provided.

Personal Information Protection staff of Administration Division

Inquiries about Personal Information

For inquiries about our handing of personal information held by JINS, including any disclosure, correction, addition, removal, suspension of use, or deletion, contact us below.

JINS HOLDINGS Personal Information Management Help Desk

Changes and Notification

JINS may alter the content of “Handling of Personal Information” herein without any prior notice. JINS discloses the latest information in JINS website ( at all times. Therefore, please check the updated information periodically.

Supervision over Contractors

JINS may have a third party to manage your personal information. When doing so, JINS selects a sub-contractor which is recognized to handle personal information appropriately, instructs the sub-contractor to manage and protect personal information in a proper manner and supervises the sub-contractor.

Compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Other Laws

JINS complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations, guidelines issued by relevant authorities and internal rules.

Special Rules on Personal Information of Applicants for Employment

This provision is applicable to persons who apply for job openings posted by JINS (such persons hereafter as “Applicants for Employment”). For matters not defined in this provision, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply.

  1. Intended use of personal information
    JINS uses personal information of Applicants for Employment provided by Applicants for Employment via the Website or other means, (personal information of Applicants for Employment provided by recruiters, schools, recommenders and other information providers), and results of interviews and examinations (the aforesaid collectively referred to as “Information on Applicants for Employment”) for purposes of screening and hiring process and provision of hiring information to Applicants for Employment.
    When an applicant is hired, the personal information of Applicant for Employment is used for purposes of human resources management and labor relations.
    Data not personally identifiable may be sampled from job applicants for statistical and analytical purposes for hiring.
  2. Use of Information on Applicants for Employment and provision of information to a third party
    JINS will not use the résumés (personal information of Applicants for Employment) obtained in the course of the screening process for purposes other than JINS's hiring operation.
    In regard to the personal information of individuals who are not hired as a result of the screening process, JINS will be responsible for securely disposing of the information after the passing of a certain period of time determined by JINS.

Collection of website access information

For the following purposes, JINS uses cookies and web beacon technology to obtain website usage information.

  • To provide the website visitor (hereinafter, "visitor") with customized service by referencing the visitor's registered information when the visitor logs in on authentication service.
  • To display optimized ads on other companies' websites based on the visitor's interests and the use of the JINS website.
  • To track the number of visitors to the Website and examine the traffic.
  • To improve the services of JINS.
  • For ensuring security, to encourage customers to reenter his/her password (reauthorize) after a certain period of time has passed from initial access.

When JINS ads are handled by a third party, the JINS cookies and web beacons may be saved and accessed through the third party in accordance with the consignment contract.