Enriching the Lives of Those Who Work with JINS

JINS believes that, in planning, manufacture, and sales, the improvement of a working environment for employees working at headquarters and stores as well as in the supply chain is an important theme. Aiming to “Magnify Life” for those who work with JINS, we will strive to improve working environment throughout the supply chain while establishing various standards and policies with our business partners. In addition, we respect the human rights of all people working in the supply chain, and consider it our most important responsibility to ensure their physical and mental health, safety and security.

Medium- to Long-term Goal

Companies. Regions. The Earth.
Be a place where each and every individual can shine with different personalities.

Gender, nationality, and disability. Each of us can live and work as we are, without our individual intentions and characteristics being disregarded. As a company on this earth, we would like to continue to contribute to such a society. To achieve this, we must first pursue the happiness of all those who work at JINS. We are committed to fair opportunities for success and respect for human rights. We aim to be an organization where the concept of diversity and inclusion permeates throughout.

2050 Companies. Regions. The Earth. Be a place where each and every individual can shine with different personalities.

Diversity among employees

  • 30% of managers to be female
  • 10% of employees in Japan to be foreign nationals
  • Acquire PRIDE Index Gold
  • 100% of childcare leave to be taken for both men and female
  • Ratio of workers with disabilities to be 150% of the statutory minimum
  • 5 Gender Equality

Occupational health and safety and satisfying workstyles

  • Zero serious incidents at Group companies in Japan
  • Progressive workstyles that set examples for other companies and countries
  • Abolish mandatory retirement (*mandatory retirement for certain positions to remain)
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development of human resources

  • The ratio of employees with high productivity and engagement at 25%, eNPS-30
  • Create a system for supporting social contribution activities of individual employees
  • Develop in-house ventures that contribute to society
  • 4 Quality Education
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Human rights in the supply chain/ labor management

  • Zero serious incidents in the supply chain
  • Continuously monitor the supply chain and fully eliminate unfair labor and accidents
  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 10 Reduced Inequality