Changing the Future Landscape Through Eyewear

Infectious diseases, climate change, resource depletion, racial issues, and economic disparity. Everywhere on the planet is now facing a number of crises. These issues seem to be giving a message to us that humans must change.

The vision of JINS “Magnify Life.” It expresses our desire for everyone to have a more enriched and boundless life, and JINS will provide them with an opportunity for that. In order to truly realize this vision, I have always asked myself the question, “What does sustainability mean to JINS?”

“Changing the Future Landscape Through Eyewear.” This is a new Sustainability Vision that JINS has established. At the same time, JINS has also identified six themes that are believed to be the most significant to JINS. There are a variety of items listed in these themes, from reducing environmental burdens to consideration for the livelihood and human rights of all people involved in the supply chain.

Six Materiality

Solving social issues. It is not easy to do and will take a long time. However, we are proud of the fact that we have defied the conventional wisdom of eyewear many times and expanded its possibilities, for example, through research on light to reduce the progression of myopia and development of products that analyze the mind and body. That is why, in our approach to sustainability, we would like to take a fresh perspective and seek solutions that only JINS can provide, without being bound by conventional thinking. We would like to pursue the possibilities of eyewear and provide value to the world in turn. That’s what we strongly wish to do.

Can our business activities themselves be of use to society? Do our products and services contribute to solving the issues that society faces? We need to always look at ourselves with a critical eye. We would like to keep creating new standards one after another, hoping that the existence of JINS will make this world a little easier to live in and a more colorful place.

Please look forward to the future that JINS cultivates.

Hitoshi Tanaka
Founder & CEO

To Change the Future Landscape

Creating Social Value through Business

My name is Ryo Tanaka, and I have served as the director in charge of sustainability initiatives promotion at JINS HOLDINGS Inc. since March 2021. I will take a leadership role in realizing the JINS Sustainability Vision, “Changing the Future Landscape Through Eyewear.”

Environmental issues such as climate change and social issues such as diversity and inclusion alongside healthcare are something that defies any attempt at a quick and simple solution. However, JINS will face them with sincerity and resolutely address them with a vision and plan unconstrained by existing frameworks.

We also recognize that it is important to do this through the creation of products and services with the core eyewear business of JINS as a starting point, so we would like to continue to take on the challenge of promoting sustainability in tandem with the business that only JINS can do.

Medium- to Long-term Goal and Corporate Governance

JINS is currently formulating a medium- to long-term plan that will serve as a roadmap and strengthening its sustainability promotion system, with 2030, the year of achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as one of its goals. In line with establishing the goals, we are also setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our promotion activities and formulating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for emergencies and disasters in order to respond to major changes in society.

In addition to strengthening our sustainability promotion organization, we have established a new Sustainability Vision. JINS has been challenging “new standards” in the industry since its foundation, and we would like to share with all our stakeholders our intention to look ahead to the future of society through eyewear and to continue to take action while defying the conventional wisdom.

We also place importance on corporate governance to ensure that the organization is moving in the right direction. We have established corporate governance as “a mechanism to appropriately supervise the execution of business operations so that sounder, more efficient and superior management can be carried out with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and development of the company,” and we will promote various measures to enhance our management structure and strengthen its supervisory function for the purpose of increasing the trust of all stakeholders and pursuing the enhancement of corporate value.

Identifying Material Factors

JINS has identified six material factors for sustainability initiatives: consideration for the environment, sound governance, dependable products and services, improvement of a working environment in the supply chain, healthcare and Innovation, and social contribution. JINS will focus on and promote them strategically in the future.

These material factors have been identified based primarily on global issues such as ESG (environment, society, and governance) and SDGs, and have been developed by reviewing items with a variety of indicators including international guidelines such as the GRI Standards in consideration of their importance to JINS, its stakeholders, and the society overall.

For one of the material factors, “consideration for the environment,” for example, we have engaged in “recyclable eyewear production,” which aims for circular recycling from plastic to plastic to reduce environmental burdens. It is said that plastic circular recycling technology is one of the most difficult recycling technologies; however, we will continue to challenge ourselves in the development of this technology in cooperation with external partners in order to change the future landscape that spreads out beyond the eyes of all people into a sustainable and better future. Furthermore, for another material factor, “healthcare and Innovation,” which is closely related to eyewear, we have researched light to protect the eyes and conducted educational activities to raise awareness, as well as manufactured sensing devices that care for not only vision but also body posture and mental health. We would also like to take on the challenge of creating various innovations in the healthcare area, with eyewear as a starting point, including the development of medical devices that not only correct myopia but also proactively prevent it.

Relationships with Stakeholders

JINS is engaged in business to maximize the value it can provide to its stakeholders. To this end, we recognize the importance of listening carefully to the expectations and opinions of our stakeholders and considering the impact on the environment and society that JINS will have together as we move forward. In addition, we will contribute to all of our stakeholders and build relationships of trust and collaboration through our business itself, which is aligned with the direction of our management strategy and that of social demands.

We will continue to challenge the “new standards” and deepen our relationship with our stakeholders in order to demonstrate the value of JINS to society and co-create new value, while making persistent efforts to realize a sustainable and prosperous society.

Ryo Tanaka
In charge of sustainability initiatives promotion