• Incentive Target

    Shareholders who have 1 unit (100 shares) or more as of August 31 every year

  • Incentive Details

    One “Shareholder Incentive Voucher” worth 9,000 yen + tax per year

  • Timing of Incentive

    The “Shareholder Incentive Voucher” will be mailed in late November each year

  • Ways to Redeem Voucher

    1. At our group’s domestic directly managed shops:

    • Available at our group directly managed shops in Japan.
    • Cannot be used for cash on delivery purchases.
    • Please note that the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, nor will any remainder amount be refunded
    • Cannnot be used with Click&Go (mobile ordering service.)

    2. At JINS Online Shop:

    • By entering the coupon code listed on the voucher on the payment method entry screen, you will be discounted the amount of the voucher from the total item price.
    • Can be used at JINS's directly managed online stores.
    • Cannot be used in combination with other coupons or with bulk discounts.

    ※Please see the bottom of this site for usage instructions
    You can also download the instructions from "How to use the Shareholder Incentive Voucher at JINS online shop"PDF

    Click here for JINS Online Store

  • Expiry

    From date of arrival of voucher to August 31st of the next year

  • Notes

    • A voucher is only valid for one-time use
    • The coupon code can not be reused even if when applied to purchase products under 9,900 yen (including tax).
    • This voucher may be used only by the shareholders and their families.
    • If this ticket is lost, we will not reissue it.
    • maximum number of one voucher (for 9,000 yen + tax) may be used per transaction.

Shareholder Incentive Voucher
How to use at the JINS Online Store

1 Retrieve coupon code

Scratch off the on the back of the voucher coupon and check the coupon code.

※You can not use the shareholder incentive voucher after at a physical store if/when the code is scratched

2 Select Eyewear

Access JINS Online Store

Select from over 3,000 styles

※If not yet a member, you will need to register for an account

3 Select prescription confirmation method

In the JINS online shop, you can confirm your prescription from 3 methods: ”Enter prescription strength”, “Vision acuity test in-store (lens exchange ticket)" or "Specify the same strength as your current glasses (JINS MAIL ORDER)".

4 Enter coupon code

a. Enter coupon code (beginning with alphabet letter)

※10-digit alphanumeric characters

b. Select the payment method for the remaining amount after using the shareholder incentive voucher.

※Payment method can be selected from credit card payment, Rakuten Pay, convenience store prepayment, cash on delivery, mobile phone payment or AmazonPay.
※Amazon login is required to use AmazonPay.

c. Press “Confirm” at the bottom of the “Order screen (Payment method selection)”.

5 Confirm Order

After pressing "Confirm order details", verify on the confirmation screen that the discount is properly applied.

※If the total price of the product is less than 10,000 yen, a 330 yen (tax inclusive) fee will be charged when using cash on delivery