Virtuous Management

Under the vision, Magnify Life, JINS has promoted a sustainable business and strived to generate new corporate value for contributing to society. To this end, we recognize the importance of corporate governance in achieving the continuous enhancement of corporate value, and we will work to maintain and improve the fairness and transparency of our management by improving management transparency and enhancing management control functions, as well as by actively and promptly disclosing information. In addition, in maintaining this system, we will strive to improve and strengthen it so that it will be effective in light of changes in the business environment and social demands.

Medium- to Long-term Goal

Be an Organization That Nurtures Goodness

To build strong governance, honesty and integrity are indispensable above all. An organization that nurtures goodness, that is, an organization that attracts, nurtures, and rewards good people. We believe that this perspective is necessary more than anything in order to respond quickly to the latest issues and to ensure high levels of risk management. Be diverse and respect each other. Establishing an open environment where everyone can speak frankly ―― this is the future where JINS should be heading.

2050 Be an organization that nurtures goodness.

Sound governance structure

  • Systems to lead the adoption of various guidelines
  • Ensure diversity in the Board of Directors
    • Eight or more Directors
    • Appoint female Directors (at least three or more)
    • Increase the number of Independent Outside Directors (more than half)
    • Appoint Directors who are foreign nationals
  • Zero serious incidents (such as compliance violations)
  • A state in which risks are thoroughly managed
  • 5 Gender Equality