Our Commitments

Our 4 Commitments

Led by our brand vision to "Magnify Life," JINS is engaged in various cooperative efforts to enrich the lives of our customers through eyewear.
We have defined our desire to provide excitement through JINS products and services, both in-store or online, with our "four promises" to customers.


Showing you things you've never seen before

You will feel more comfortable each day knowing you have made a positive and exciting change in your life.
You will be energized to see new sights,and you will be ready to take on more adventures than ever before.
JINS wants to relieve you from many of the problems you may have encountered with eyewear in the past, such as overly heavy frames and discomfort.
That is why we constantly pursue greater quality and beauty.


  • Thin Aspheric Lenses, Manufactured by Industry Leaders

    All JINS glasses come standard with thin aspheric lenses from the world's best-selling lens manufacturers, including Essilor and Hoya Group. Aspheric lenses offer less distortion in vision and appearance than traditional spherical lenses, allowing wearers to enjoy frames of their choice regardless of their prescription.

  • All frames designed in Tokyo

    JINS glasses come in a wide variety of styles, all designed in Tokyo. With both style and function in mind, we have designed quality frames to satisfy any taste—all created from one of the top fashion capitals of the world.

  • Pursuing the ultimate in comfort and quality

    To ensure comfort and quality, we have dedicated our selves to exceptional design and developed our own parts, using carefully selected forms and materials. These efforts are all a part of our no-compromise approach. We adhere to global ISO standards, former JIS standards, and our own standards, for a total of 20 points of inspection, providing Zero-Compromise quality.


A little luxury in your daily life

With the money you save when you buy the high quality JINS glasses that are perfect for you, you can spend more time with the people you love, doing what you love to do.
You can enjoy a little luxury in your life.
That's why we offer a large variety at reasonable prices to suit your individuality and style.


  • No extra fees for stronger prescription

    While most eyewear brands charge an extra fee for strong prescriptions and thin lenses, JINS does not charge extra for single vision prescriptions—not even those with strong myopia or astigmatism.

  • A variety of lenses for everyone's needs

    From lens features that enhance your lifestyle to those that can be worn as fashion accessories, JINS has a range of lenses at reasonable prices to suit all the needs of our customers.

  • The SPA business model

    JINS handles all stages from planning and production to distribution and sales. This allows us to eliminate the middleman such as paying unnecessary commission and brand fees. In addition, we can incorporate customers' feedback into the products, so we can provide top-quality glasses at affordable prices.


More enjoyable time, and more time to enjoy

JINS stores make the process of buying glasses faster and easier.
That's because we want our customers to use the time they have saved to enjoy themselves the way they would like to.
We value our customers' time, so we provide them with a comfortable and streamlined shopping experience.


  • Eyewear in as little as 30 minutes

    JINS efficient store operational methods make same-day delivery a reality. JINS has changed the notion of waiting weeks for your new pair of glasses. At JINS, it's just three easy steps: 1.Select your frames and take them to the counter 2.Have your eyes tested 3.Pay for your new glasses. Your glasses can be ready in as little as 30 minutes after paying. (when lenses are in stock)

  • Closer and more convenient

    JINS is opening stores on roadsides, inside train stations, and in shopping centers, as well as exploring convenient and exciting store possibilities—all in hopes of establishing an even closer relationship with our customers.

  • Online store

    The JINS online shop carries roughly 3,000 products, and ships free of charge. Delivery is fast, with many orders shipping the same day. Products can be delivered to your home or picked up at convenience stores or JINS branches. We offer various payment options to meet customers' requirements.


Making your life bolder and brighter

Through each and every one of our business activities, we are constantly searching for creative solutions and improving our practices, so we can give people what they really want and need.
From the day people encounter our innovations, their lives become bolder and brighter.
To share this excitement with our customers, we continue to pursue the latest technologies and ideas.


  • Exploring the potential of glasses through academic collaboration

    Our R&D lab partners with university professors, medical experts, and other companies develop the products and services of the future. One of our most popular academic collaborations, JINS SCREEN, is being used by forward-thinking corporations, hospitals, and educational facilities.

  • On the search for new materials

    Our Airframes were made possible thanks to the lightweight material, nylon resin TR-90. Research in new and innovative materials is necessary when creating products with new functionality. We will continue to travel the world in search of new materials and innovative ways to bring about change for the future of eyewear.

  • Providing services based on the latest technologies

    Following on from JINS PAINT, which you can use to customize frames from your smartphone, and JINS BRAIN, which features AI technology, we have continued to create original services that use the latest technologies, such as Salon de Megane, which uses our virtual fitting service, JINS Virtual-Fit.