• When was JINS' initial public offering (IPO)?

    August 8th, 2006

  • What exchange does JINS stock trade on?

    First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • What is JINS' stock ticker number?


  • How many shares have been issued in total?


  • What is the unit of trading for JINS stock?


  • Are there any shareholder incentive programs?

    We revamped our shareholder special benefit plan in July 2007. For more information,please see the Incentives Information page.

  • When is the record date for dividends?

    August 31st

  • I want to learn more about JINS' dividend policy

    JINS values mid-to-long term increase of shareholder value, and aims for a dividend payout ratio of 30% so as to maintain sufficient retained earnings to support future business development as well to provide stable dividend payouts for our shareholders. Our basic policy is to pay a one-time year-end dividend to our shareholders.

  • When is the annual general meeting for shareholders?

    It is held in late November.

  • Who should I contact to change the registered name and address of my stock certificate(s)?

    Please refer to the Basic Information page for contact information.