Creating New Standards for Healthcare

Under the vision of “Magnify Life,” JINS is taking on a variety of new challenges in the field of health care, which is closely related to eyewear, in order to create new standards that enrich and expand people’s way of life itself and lead to unprecedented experiences. By thinking beyond eyewear and expanding into areas other than the manufacture and sale of eyewear to diversify our business, we will meet the needs of an increasingly diverse society and produce results by reforming our business structure, diversifying risk, and improving the efficiency of our management resources.

Medium- to Long-term Goal

No more myopia. Pursuit of happiness through vision.

The number of people with myopia on this planet continues to increase, and it is said that it will reach 5 billion by 2050. To reduce myopia to zero. This is our responsibility and mission as a company that has been involved in myopia-correcting eyewear for many years. We will engage in research and development related to the control and prevention of myopia and transform our business into a service platform that will lead to zero myopia. By positioning “well-being” through vision as “well-seeing,” we will not only conduct research on myopia control technology and develop eyewear that aims to improve physical and mental health, but will also deliver surprises and joy to people around the world through vision by providing excellent “viewing” experiences.

2050 No more myopia. Pursuit of happiness through vision.

Development of technology, products, and services that prevent myopia from progressing

  • 100% of stores to collaborate with ophthalmologists
  • Put an end to the spread of myopia through development and dissemination of Violet Glasses
  • 3 Good Health and Well-Being
  • 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Development of eyewear and associated businesses that provide new value

  • Spread eyewear that visualizes and improves mental and physical conditions
  • Develop eyewear that provides new value
  • 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure