Magnify Life

JINS encourages people
to change the way they view the world,
to enrich their lives and unlock new experiences.
We look for the unseen, create new standards,
and think beyond glasses;
to Magnify Life.


JINS Attitudes determine all our activities, bring clarity and coherence to what we do, and provide keys for the right business decisions.


Do not fear change. Take on new challenges without being bound by conventional wisdom. The excitement will come from both you and I. We create the new standard.


Inspire with products and services, personality, passion and ideas. We are inclusive — we understand and connect with others. We become a source of joy, no matter how small it is.


Be honest. Whether it’s customers, colleagues, communities, or the global environment, the heartbeat of our business is human connection. Breakthroughs happen from empathy and sincerity. Make no compromises. Let’s become a brand that people can’t live without.