Magnify Life

Our vision at JINS is
to encourage
people to change the way they
view the world –
to enrich their lives and unlock
new experiences.
That's why we look for the unseen,
create new standards,
and think beyond glasses
– to Magnify Life.


Our three core attitudes embody our strengths and thoughts.
By emulating these, we can create a “new norm” in the world and realize
"Magnify Life" to help enrich people's lives.


Let us achieve innovation for both our customers and the world we live in, by exploring innovative ideas, embracing change, and setting new challenges.
We must avoid stagnation and be the frontier for new possibilities, trailblazing new roads instead of choosing the safe passage.


Let our innovative products and services excite and inspire everyone. Joy to everyone.
To be happy and full of smiles will help make our customers, co-workers, and business partners happier. We must also recognize that constructive opinions can create better teams.


The products and services that we provide must never be compromised.
Integrity is what allows us to build and maintain the trust from our customers, co-workers, and business partners.
No product or service with integrity will ever be associated to compromise.