Message to Investors

In July of 2019, JINS set out to a fresh start as JINS HOLDINGS.
This marks our first step to detach management from business execution, at the same time as creating a new place of creative expression as an eyewear platform company.
By putting in charge the most optimal President for each business division, we aim to promote the growth of the business itself, as well as of management personnel.
To ever-so-rapidly incorporate the needs of our consumers into planning and production by speeding up decision-making.
By taking into consideration not only domestic, but also global development to vitalize the Group.
By having a broad outlook into the future – not just immediate tasks – to accelerate the growth of our new businesses.
Through this holding company formation, our vision to “Magnify Life” – to look for the unseen and create new standards – should continue to take form.

Please look forward to our continued progress.

Hitoshi Tanaka
Founder and CEO