To Our Shareholders and

Change the Landscape Unless Fully Satisfied

The ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease has made a tremendous impact on our business. However, we would rather take this as an opportunity to create a wave of change in our JINS business model and corporate structure. That is what we are thinking right now.

First of all, we establish a proper structure needed to formulate a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to fully provide our services even amid a major disaster, and build a value chain corresponding to a BCP. Second, we drive to promote digital transformation (DX) further and spawn a more pleasant shopping experience. Third, we establish a brand-new business model immediately to overwhelm others including new entrants from different industries. Last of all, we boost our initiatives toward solving social issues through our business activities under our newly enacted Sustainability Vision. In order to fulfill all the above, a sense of self-reliance among each person working at JINS is important, together with the radical changes in consciousness. The recent increase in the number of executive officers is, in fact, one of the ways we are working toward a goal.

This year marks twenty years since JINS has opened the first store in Tenjin, Fukuoka. In this milestone year, we would like to be a fresher and more surprising company than ever before. Ready for change without hesitation, and keep on challenging. Aiming to reborn as an organization which connects freely drove by action-oriented individuals. To disseminate our vision of “Magnify Life” to the world more. Please look forward to the future that JINS cultivates.

Hitoshi Tanaka
Founder and CEO