Cases for Causes: Cases designed in collaboration with a variety of nonprofits in North America, with all proceeds donated

JINS North America has launched its original project "CASES FOR CAUSES"with the opening of the first store in North America. The project aims to "make the world a better place to see", with eyewear cases designed in collaboration with various non-profit organizations that support the initiative. The case design has increased to 7, and is implemented in all physical stores and E-commerce sites in North America(as of 2020,Jan.). By donationg 100% of the profit, we hope to take part in making this world a better place with our collaborators.

Examples of Cases

  • Japan Case

    The Japan Case supports the efforts of local nonprofit organizations to preserve Japanese cultural heritage, provide opportunities to experience Japanese culture, and engage in enjoyable activities for local communities.

  • Trail Case

    The Trail Case supports the efforts of local nonprofit organizations involved in the maintenance, preservation and paving of trails used for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

For details on the work supported by other collaboration cases, please see the link below.