Disseminating Culture From Our Stores

JINS Harajuku Store: Façade and Interior Wall Art by Oyama Enrico Isamu

We continuously promote and support art, music, architecture, and other diverse cultural activities from our retail stores.
At the flagship JINS Shibuya Store, many special exhibitions are held at the second floor event space. It has held exhibitions featuring artists such as Yasuhiro Suzuki, Teppei Kaneuji, and Haruka Koujin.
Oyama Enrico Isamu's art decorated the facade and interior walls of the JINS Harajuku Store, and the JINS Kichijoji Daiyagai Store featured art by Taro Izumi. Our stores have thus been a showcase for art for many people.

  • JINS Kichijoji Daiyagai Store, Taro Izumi "Wink Lion"

  • JINS Shibuya Store, Art Exhibtion Part 1, Yasuhiro Suzuki "Blinking Spectacles"

  • JINS Shibuya Store, Art Exhibtion Part 2, Teppei Kaneuji "Ghost Vision"/ "Ghost Construction"

  • JINS Shibuya Store, Art Exhibtion Part 3, Haruka Koujin "Contact"