Daikanyama Photo Fair Sponsorship

Since 2017, JINS has been a sponsor of the Daikanyama Photo Fair organized by the Fine-Art Photography Association. We feel intimacy with cinema and photographic arts, because they are also created and expressed through a lens.

In 2017, the "Magnify Photo" competition for young photographers was held. The Grand Prix winner was Koji Ishikawa who was presented with a solo exhibition opportunity at the JINS Shibuya Store.
In 2018, two projects with the theme of "Portrait" were held featuring Takashi Homma and Yoshiyuki Okuyama.
Takashi Homma's "With Eyeglasses" project had portraits with the themes "Family", "Me", "Friends", "Colleague", and "Partner" and were exhibited at the JINS Shibuya Store and JINS Kyoto Store.
A workshop titled "About Portraits" was also held with Yoshiyuki Okuyama as a guest speaker. He talked about portrait photos as he went through the works submitted by selected participants, and then created a new work on the spot while exchanging thoughts and opinions with the audience. By inviting a leading photographer to share his views, we provided an opportunity for visitors to further advance in the art of photography.