As a leading company for eyewear in Japan, we are addressing with the eyewear recycling program.
We have joined the Bring Pla-Plus Project run by Japan Environment PLANning (JEPLAN) since its year of inception 2012, and worked on recycling unneeded old plastic glasses.

Also, we formed a capital alliance with JEPLAN in 2020. From now on, we will further utilize the technological capabilities and knowledge of both companies to promote eyewear sustainability by working toward eyewear recycling campaigns and manufacturing of circulating recycled eyewear.

Recycling Eyeglasses

  • Bring in your old glasses

  • Old eyeglasses are crushed into powder and taken to the Bring Pla-Plus Project's partner factory.

  • They are recycled into other materials and energy sources such as gas and coke. (A portion is used in experiments for new technologies.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which stores can I bring my old glasses to?

    JINS and rim of jins stores in Japan are currently accepting old glasses.
    JINS has so far collected 10.8 tons of eyewear (as of the end of April 2019).

  • How will you collect eyewear?

    Let our staff at the store know, then put the old eyewear in the store's Bring Pla-Plus Project Eyeglasses Recycle Box. (*The location of the Recycle Box may differ depending on the store.)

  • Do you collect any kind of eyewear?

    Thanks to Japan's advanced technologies, both the frame and lenses can be 100% recycled. You can bring any kind of eyeglasses, whether they have plastic or metal frames, or are sunglasses. We collect all eyewear, including non-JINS products.

About Bring Pla-Plus Project

Plastic products are made with old eyeglasses collected through the Bring Pla-Plus Project. With Japanese technologies developed by Jeplan, Inc., the glasses are recycled into new materials and part of it is used in research for developing new technologies.


環境省This project is undertaken with the cooperation of the Ministry of the Environment.