JINS Vision Care: A Collaboration with Medical Specialists

Aiming for a society that nurtures good eye health, JINS works to promote the spread and education of proper eye care. Together with medical institutions, we have started a healthcare project called JINS Vision Care to encourage visits to the eye doctor and diagnose eye diseases while they are still in their early stages. For the first part of this project, we worked with the Chukyo Group ophthalmology team in Aichi Prefecture to develop a tool to check a patient's level of visual performance. We are beginning to incorporate it at some of our stores in the Tokai region. Through this project, we were able to obtain and analyze data on people with healthy, normal eyes which was previously hard to obtain. We aim to use the data to encourage eye exams and to detect latent risks for eye diseases early on.

*The visual performance level check is a simple and objective check of eye functions. It is not used to medically diagnose or evaluate any diseases or health conditions.

About JINS Vision Care