Universal Manners Certification

In order to interact with the elderly and disabled with the right mindset and in the proper way, our employees have obtained the Universal Manners Grade 3 certification.
The Universal Manners were outlined by the Japan Universal Manners Association based in Osaka (Representative director: Toshiya Kakiuchi). They indicate how to be compassionate to those different from oneself, and how to provide help and support to them on the basis of sufficient understanding.
Aiming for accessible stores where the elderly and disabled can have a pleasant experience, JINS implemented Universal Manners in stores and among employees in hopes that this code of etiquette may spread even further.
The exam was taken by the CEO Hitoshi Tanaka, headquarters employees, and area leaders who manage stores in their assigned areas. They attended lectures and carried out group work to learn and understand the mindset advocated by Universal Manners, and the basics of interaction with the elderly and disabled.

About the Universal Manners Test