Joint project with Tech Kids School

With our objective of "Protecting the Eyes of Children Who Make the Future", we collaborate with CA Tech Kids, Inc., a company that operates Tech Kids School which teaches computer programming to elementary students.

Children today use more electronic devices in their daily lives than ever before. Starting from the 2020 academic year, computer programming will become a required subject in all elementary schools. The school environment is undergoing major changes as compared to previous generations. In support of parents who are interested in an ICT education for their children but are worried about the effects it may have on their children's eyes, JINS pursues its aim of "Protecting the Eyes of Children Who Create the Future" and uses its expertise to teach students at the Tech Kids School about light and their eyes, teaching over 1,000 children so far.

  • Joint Surveys

    Revealing parents' thoughts on the digital environment and ICT education


  • "Miru-iku" classes for parents and children

    Teaching parents and children about light and eyes

  • Tech Kids CAMP

    A class on light and eyes taught to children who took short programming courses offered during long vacations, e.g. summer vacations

More information about Tech Kids School