Products and Services

JINS has created a new market by focusing on design and unprecedented features.
Further more, we have produced numerous innovations, such as opening up a completely new eyewear field based on "seeing within one's self."
We are continuing to take on new challenges to provide customers with value that enhances their life at any stage.

JINS Design Project

Designed eyeglasses from their very essence

What are the most beautiful glasses in the world?
What glasses do people instinctively find comfortable? What does the future hold for glasses?
Led by the concept of reexamining the very definition of glasses and designing them based on their essence, we are creating designs that fit the times to come.


  • #01 New Normal
    Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison is a product designer well known for the basic and universal allure of his designs. He is considered one of the world's most influential product designers. From his studios in London, Paris, and Tokyo, he is constantly opening up new fields as he provides designs to companies around the world, such as Vitra, Flos, Muji, and Marni.

  • #02 All Round
    Konstantin Grcic

    Konstantin Grcic was trained as a wooden furniture maker in Dorset, England. He studied design in London's Royal College of Art (RCA). In 1991, he opened his own design office in Munich, Germany, and has created furniture, products, and lighting for design industry leaders such as Cassina, Magis, and Plank.

  • #03 We are all designers of ourselves
    Michele de Lucchi

    Michele de Lucchi has been an avant-garde architect and designer since the 1970s. He was design director in Olivetti from 1988 to 2002. He has been involved in architectural projects such as residences, industrial facilities, offices, and cultural facilities both inside Italy and in other countries, as well as art and design exhibitions and museum planning.

    Alberto Meda

    Born in Italy in 1945. After serving as a technical manager for the interior brand Kartell, he has provided designs for a variety of companies such as Alfa Romeo Auto, Alias, Alessi, Luceplan, Olivetti, and Vitra. Works internationally from his studio in Milan.

  • #05 SUGATA
    Ronan&Erwan Bouroul lec

    Has been working together since 1999, and is actively involved in multiple fields from product design to public space, and urban design. Provides designs for major international companies such as Vitra, Cassina, FLOS, Magis, and Kvadrat. Their work has entered some of the world’s major collections, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and MOMA in New York.


Making glasses more fun, more convenient, and more economical

We want the process of buying glasses in our stores to be an enjoyable one. That's why we have collected various services in a single app. This original app makes buying glasses more convenient and economical, with functions for managing warranties and prescription information, trying on glasses and seeing if they suit you, and providing members-only coupons.